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Schedule Direct for all Your TV Guide Needs

Many, MANY moons ago, having TVGuide listings on your device was all the rage. Then TVGuide got their undies in a bunch, and finally locked everyone out of their listings. That sparked the creation of Zap2It Labs.

Zap2It was great; but the problem there was that the wrong sorts of apps and people were using the data and not paying for it. Recently, they closed down. 

I have been using PocketTV Listings for about 5 years or so.  With it, I get my cable TV listings on my device, and have the ability to set reminders/appointments in my Outlook calendar so I can remember to watch a show. While this may not seem like a huge deal to some, to me, especially during football season, I find it invaluable. I schedule EVERY televised game and, PTVL even includes who is playing whom in the appointment note, and the TV channel in the meeting location. Its made by ThumbsUp Soft, and its awesome.

With the recent demise of Zap2it Labs, PTVL stopped working. I was really upset that this great freeware app that I have been using seemingly forever, would no longer work.  So, I gave the buys over at ThumbsUp Soft a shout and asked about it.

Long story short. Even though PTVL is freeware and hasn’t been modified or revved in years, ThumbsUp Soft was kind enough to tweak the code so that it used the new data source.  Schedule Direct can be found here.

The data has a $20 for a 9 month subscription fee; but if you use it often enough, its not bad. For the amount of times I use it, it was a good buy.  Since it works with PTVL, and PTVL works on WM2003SE, WM5 and (I think) WM6 devices, I’m pretty much set for a while.

You can download the older versioin of PTVL here. After it installs, open the desktop data downloading app, called WebLink, and choose Help–Check for Upgrade.  That will install the new Schedule Direct version. 

After it installs and you sign up for a free 7 day trial account on Schedule Direct, you can give it a shot.  I found it to be awesome, and even after 5 or so years, its still provides value.

Thanks, Michael for giving us such a great app!!

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