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NBC Universal Leaves iTunes

Big names coming and going out of the iTunes Music Store…Should I stay or should I go now?

There has been a lot of press recently around the new Apple Nanos, the iPod Touch, and the iPhone. Apple, as always is out to out innovate and out design everyone.  They pretty much do it every time, too.  I can’t tell you how much I love my MacBook Pro. It’s a really awesome computer.

Recently, NBC Universal decided to pull its programming from the iTunes Music Store. Apparently, they wanted double the wholesale cost.  To comply, Apple would have had to charge $4.99 (instead of the standard $1.99) for all of their videos; and NBC appears to be the lone hold out here.  No one else was demanding as much.

NBC still thinks they can come to some sort of arrangement; but Apple was disappointed by the decision.  50 other networks currently agree with Apple’s current pricing structures. Some are speculating that

On Tuesday, CBS became the second network behind Fox to indicate that it will likely be staying on iTunes. In comments to the Merrill Lynch Media and Entertainment conference, CEO Les Moonves said the company will be staying out of the battle and that the network "likes our relationship with iTunes." Moonves’ comments follow that of News Corp, which owns the Fox network.

Shortly after NBC Universal pulled its own programming, News Corp’s president Peter Cherin told Reuters that they planned to stay on the network and had "a perfectly good relationship with Apple." Later, the company said they expected the negotiations to be contentious, however it is still expected that the two sides will eventually come to a deal.

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