SBSH Releases Facade 1.3

"SBSH Mobile Software announced today a new update for its best-selling Facade for Smartphone to version 1.3! SBSH Facade 1.3 brings new exciting features and improvements, including: changing orientation support to fully support all new device models, Automatic-implementation utility to implement installed plug-ins within Facade layout, new signal and battery temperature meters, fresh new layout and graphics including three different layout for your choice and much more! "

I’m a big fan of Snoopsoft Dashboard. It puts your schedule on your Today Page in a much better format than the regular Today Page Calendar plug-in.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a version for Smartphone. 

Fortunately, I found Facade, AND SBSH has just released a new version of it that supports rotating screens for devices like HTC’s Vox.  For those of you that already have Facade, can get the upgrade for free. Details on the upgrade can be found here. The software sells for $14.95 and can be purchased here.

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