Microsoft Makes Vista Fix Packs Public

While it isn’t SP1, Microsoft today released a couple of updates to Vista that is designed to fix a number of different performance and reliability problems. While the fixes are, and obviously, will be welcomed by end users, it’s probably going to be rather confusing.

The fixes address comparability and reliability issues in Vista; and will likely be rolled into SP1 when it finally hits the streets next year. Some of the changes include:

• You experience a long delay when you try to exit the Photos screen saver.

• A memory leak occurs when you use the Windows Energy screen saver.

• If User Account Control is disabled on the computer, you cannot install a network printer successfully. This problem occurs if the network printer is hosted by a Windows XP-based or a Windows Server 2003-based computer.

• When you write data to an AVI file by using the AVIStreamWrite function, the file header of the AVI file is corrupted.

• When you copy or move a large file, the "estimated time remaining" takes a long time to be calculated and displayed.

• After you resume the computer from hibernation, it takes a long time to display the logon screen.

• When you synchronize an offline file to a server, the offline file is corrupted.

• If you edit an image file that uses the RAW image format, data loss occurs in the image file. This problem occurs if the RAW image is from any of the following digital SLR camera models:

• Canon EOS 1D

• Canon EOS 1DS

You can find the fix here.

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