Microsoft Shares Details on Windows 7

Microsoft sheds some light on the next version of Windows scheduled for release in just a few years…


One of the biggest problems with Windows Vista is the overly-long release cycle, is that most enterprises are too deeply ingrained into the Windows XP paradigm to successfully make the migration. I can’t tell you how many companies I’ve heard of migrating BACK to Windows XP because users on the client side just can’t cope with the many different changes made to the Windows UI. 


Productivity is in the toilet, and the Boss Man is ticked off.  Unfortunately, that’s what you get when you have an OS on the market for 7 or so years… People get used to it, and have their work methods optimized for that OS.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has shared a few details of its next-generation operating system. The OS is tentatively named "Windows 7;" and is due sometime in 2010. The next version will support both 32 and 64-bit version; and will come in both business and consumer flavors. As an added item of interest, Microsoft is also looking into the idea of subscription services as a way to extend the functionality of the operating system. They’ve been threatening to do this for years; and Windows 7 may actually bring that to market.

Of more of an interest to users who have made the migration to Vista (and are still using it), is the work that Microsoft is currently doing for Windows Vista Service Pack 1.  Some news sources are saying that the update may be available by the end of the calendar year.  While I haven’t heard too much grumbling from consumers (other than Vista is so totally different), those enterprises that have stayed the course will be interested to see the update. 

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