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Axim x50v

I broke down and purchased an Axim x50v VGA Pocket PC.  This is going to be added to my corral of review machines.  Its wonderful what writing for an Austrailian magazine will do for you. The device is going to get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5, the next Pocket PC OS; and has a VGA screen.  Its likely the last Pocket PC I will purchase this year.

Though I had wanted to purchase an iPAQ hx6515, I keep questioning why.  The 6500 will have dual slot SD and MiniSD slots, it will have EDGE cellular wireless, and be GSM/GPRS compatible as well.  It will also have built in GPS, which will be a huge plus for me, because I can get lost in my closet.  But I don’t need another phone.  I already have an i700 that I will likely have trouble selling.  I’m not certain what I am going to do with it…

Anyway, the x50v will be a good addition to my PPC pool, and it will help bring in other review opportunities as well.

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