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Windows Mobile 2005 (a.k.a. Magneto) Renamed to Windows Mobile 5.0


I didn’t see this coming, and it really upsets me.  Besides liking to be in the know, a lot of people look to me as a Mobile Devices expert, even though I am not an MS Mobile Devices MVP.  Despire that, I really try hard to provide everyone that asks with help and information (that I am allowed to relay).

I heard an inkling of about the platform rename last week; but could NOT confirm that the information was factual.  The new magazine that I was writing for asked me about this, and because I didn’t have any information to confirm the rename, told them that it was rumor.

Pardon me while I wipe the egg off of my face.

You can check out a whole bunch of news, including a now legal preview of Windows Mobile 5 at pocketnow.com.

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