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Mugen Power 3300mAh Battery for the HTC Blue Angel

I’ve been working with Lion Battery and Mugen Power on some review units of the 3300mAh extended battery for the HTC Blue Angel (PDA2k/SX66/Qtek9090/MDAIII/ XDAIIs, etc.). 

So far the batteries have been a bust.  I’ve looked at two, and neither have fit correctly.  The first one wouldn’t stay locked in the device.  It fell out of the device repeatedly.  The second one didn’t lock in the device correctly at all.  It clacked in the back of the device, and moved from side to side. 

The second one also didn’t hold a charge very well.  These batteries should power a device for 10 – 12 hours in stand by, or at least 8 hours of active use.  The first one held up to those power estimates.  The second one wasn’t even holding half that amount of power.

They are sending me a third battery.  I have little hope that it will perform as it should; but I hope that I am wrong.

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