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i-mate PDA2k Keyboard Slider

I love my PDA2k.  Its my phone, its my PDA, eBook reader, game machine, etc.  I also use Smartner Duality on it for push (BlackBerry-styled) e-mail.  Its a great way of getting push e-mail at a relatively low cost ($5/ month or $60/ year via Handango).  It is truly awesome!

Because I now get mail no matter where I am, I’ve been using my PDA2k’s slide up keyboard a lot.  The thing has really come loose!  Its not slamming shut on me yet…YET…; but I’m really concerned.  The keyboard is held open only by friction and obviously the screws that are holding it down have loosened in the 4 months that I’ve had the device.

This is a HUGE design flaw! The people at i-mate need to fix this problem or offer an easy way of getting the device serviced or swapped out.

I’m going to have to post on this at pocketnow.com where I am a Senior Editor.  Some how, I think its going to be the only way to get my device fixed without being deviceless for a month or more… Maybe I’ll get it fixed after I purchase the new iPAQ Mobile Messenger hx6500.

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