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New Docking Station…New Death

I bought a new docking station for my Dell Lattitude C600 and C610… I know, they’re outdated PC’s; but they are serving me well.  I also bought 2 2nd HDD Modules for the new docking station, so now I can make Ghost images of each drive and store them on the network or on one of the new hard drives I also bought.  This whole idea of rebuilding the world is a pain in the ass.

The new docking station cost me $26 including shipping.  That’s way awesome because new, this thing sold for over $400 bucks.  eBay is an amazing place!

I also tried to put my WinTVGo card in one of the 2 PCI slots that the dock has and I ended up screwing up BOTH PC’s trying to get sound to come thru the dock’s desktop speaker jack.  It took me most of the night to get things back up and running.  I got my WUGNET freelancing done for the night; but still have a few apps to install, including my FTP client so I can put images up.

There are still a few kinks to work out with this new setup; but once I get it in place, it should really rock!

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