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Back Among the Living

I finally got my PC back up and among the living.  I love multi-tasking at work.  I was busier yesterday than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. I was able to save the one hard drive that crashed; but its got a serious limp to it.  Its now on the "test" machine; or a PC that I don’t do anything serious with.

I bought a Seagate 100GB drive for the laptop that I do plan on using as my everyday PC.  It now has enough space to do almost anything that I want or need.  I purchased a C-DockII (the fat one with 2 PCI slots and an extra media bay), and I plan on putting an extra drive in it ASAP.  I also purchased 2 HDD caddies for the dock.  One will be for a drive that has nothing other than what I have on the PC RIGHT NOW: what I consider to be the barebones installation that I need to function in my freelancing world.  The other will be extra storage for music, downloads, etc., and will be the drive that I have in it most often.

I’m going to have to employ some sort of automated backup process.  I simply can’t afford to have my data go up in smoke again like it did.  I’ll need some help from Larry; but it shouldn’t be too hard to do.  I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be expensive…

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