Complete Meltdown

I haven’t had one in a long time, but last night my computer hard drive had a complete meltdown.  The contents of the drive are a total loss…BOTH partitions. 

I didn’t lose a lot of data.  Praise God I had most of it backed up.  However, I lost 2 years worth of e-mail.  Not good… It looks like I will have to buy a new notebook hard drive…

UPDATE: The drive that died was a complete data loss.  I couldn’t get anything off of it.  I had a REALLY hard time just getting Windows XP to reinstall on it again.  There’s something going on with that drive.  I’m eventually going to have to replace it.

However, I was able to get all of my programs back and reinstalled without a problem.  Now I just have to get my data back on the drive without having a major meltdown.  If those Outlook PST’s are corrupted, I’m really gonna be hosed.

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