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Opinion – How Realistic is a Sprint-T-Mobile Merger?

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading a LOT on the rumors related to a Sprint/T-Mobile merger.  Honestly, I was really surprised when I initially heard this. From a business point of view, it makes tons of sense; but from a technology point of view, it really has me scratching my head.  Let’s stop and take a look at this for a moment…


From BetaNews

Sprint has steadily lost more than a million postpaid subscribers per quarter for the last two years, but it has proven to be highly successful in the prepaid mobile market, gaining a record 777,000 prepaid customers in the last quarter alone. These gains, coupled with Sprint’s acquisition of MVNO Virgin Mobile USA (and its 5.38 million subscribers) made Sprint the United States’ second-largest prepaid wireless operator with nearly 10 million customers.

T-Mobile’s gains in the United States have also been mostly prepaid customers. In the most recently completed quarter of this year, T-Mobile added a net 325,000 subscribers, and nearly 83% of those were prepaid.

I saw an interesting article on The Telegraph where DT CEO René Obermann swears upside down, backwards and sideways that he’s going to turn around company performance of both T-Mo UK and T-Mo US. The business sense of the merger

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