Samsung Jack Reviewed at Mobile Jaw

My good friend and blogging buddy Mike Temporale has got a really good review of the AT&T Samsung Jack over at Mobile Jaw that you really need to take a look at.  The Samsung Jack was originally thought to be called the Blackjack 3, before it was officially announced and released on AT&T, here in the States. 

Says Brother Temporale in his review:

It may not be called BlackJack, but the new Samsung Jack is the third release in the popular BlackJack series of smartphones. The original BlackJack and BlackJack II devices both reached the million plus sales mark.  Can Samsung repeat that success with this new phone? If first impressions are any indication, then the new Jack should easily live up to the reputation of the BlackJack’s before it and reach that million seller mark.

The Jack seems like a decent device; and the improvements in its keyboard and processor may make this something that you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for a new phone.


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