Ilium Software Turns 12!

Twelve years is a long time to be doing anything.  I’ve been writing for just over 13, so I know how this is. Its a big deal; and its a LONG time to be doing anything of any real value (to you or to someone else).

Case in point – Ilium Software makers of such great applications like eWallet, ListPro, NewsBreak and Keep Track, is turning 12 years old! To help celebrate this huge milestone, Ilium Software is throwing a huge birthday bash.  Direct from Julie Van De Water, my great friend at Ilium,

A BIG five-day sale on all our software through our direct online store (for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows PC). eWallet for the iPhone will also get discounted on the App Store. Just to leave you in suspense, I’m going to make you tune in next week to find out the specifics on the sale! On Monday, the full details will be available here.

–Lots of fun on the blog too! We’ll be running contests during our anniversary week over at with some really fantastic prizes. I could tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the element of surprise – let’s just say I think everyone will have fun playing, and the winners will be treated very well indeed! And just so you know – you’re eligible to win the prizes too, so be sure to stop by next week and play along.


These guys are some of the best guys on the internet, and yes, I’d walk through fire to help them out.  They’ve always done me (regardless of who I am writing for) the right way.  I can’t wait to see what kind of goodies are coming our way, so be sure to do yourself a favor and check out all of the fun!


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