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Gadget Monkey Mobile email smackdown

Fellow gadget enthusiast and former MS Mobile Devices MVP, Jenneth Orantia has a cool new site, Gadget Monkeys!  In one of her latest set of articles, Jenneth chases after mobile e-mail.  Says Sister Orantia in the kick-off of this totally awesome series –

A couple of days ago, I posted about how much I prefer the experience of accessing my email on a BlackBerry compared to any other smartphone platform. I thought I’d take that train of thought a step further today by going through the email delivery system on four smartphone operating systems. I’ve gone with the main ones: BlackBerry, Windows Mobiles, Series 60 and iPhone, using the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Palm Treo Pro, Nokia E63 and iPhone 3G as test devices.

Jenneth breaks the series up into 3 cool parts:


The Series is definitely worth a read.  Check out it out and see if mail on your mobile device is something that you want to chase after!


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