B’bye PalmOS, Hello WebOS

Shuh. Finally!

Palm has finally sunsetted its much outdated and overly much long in the tooth PalmOS in favor of the Pre’s new WebOS.  Now, all it has to do is convince over 30,000 PalmOS developers (who have created over 100,000 PalmOS apps) to embrace the new mobile operating system and develop (or port) their applications for/to it.


Last week, Ed Colligan, Palm’s CEO did his best to convince these development partners to do just that at a investor’s conference in San Francisco.  According to Colligan, the Centro is going to be the last Palm device with PalmOS on it. All other devices coming from Palm will have WebOS, or Windows Mobile/Phone.

He also nearly ignored questions about speculation that Apple might file a lawsuit against Palm regarding the implementation of multi-touch in the Pre. He emphatically stated that there are no issues with Apple over patents right now.

Details about WebOS are sketchy right now. The OS is supposed to support a number of web standards, and no new information was introduced.  The one point that Colligan did hit home was that any web developer should be able to develop for the Pre and for WebOS.

Colligan also said that Palm will be introducing an online software store, a la the App Store; but also mentioned that it won’t be the only place Pre users will be to purchase software.

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