Windows Live Applications Updated

I’m a HUGE fan of Windows Live Writer. I use it to write the majority of the posts I make on Gear Diary, as well as my own blog Pocket PC Guru, including this one. It really just makes things so much easier to do and manage; though unfortunately, only on the Windows platform. There doesn’t seem to be a similar Mac-based tool.

I’m also a big fan of Windows Live Messenger. The family is also a big fan of Windows Live Mail (formerly Outlook Express). As a quick and dirty mail client, its not bad at all.  I’m actually surprised with it, but that’s a subject for another post…

Anyway, I’m passing along the current Wind to the family.  They have been without a computer for quite a while, due to a lightning strike this past summer.  I am moving on to an upgraded version of the U100, the 422, and recently purchased one from the link I posted on a short while back.  While blowing the Wind for about, literally, the 10th time, I downloaded what I discovered to be an updated version of Windows Live Messenger.

I’ve confirmed this, and have been able to download updated versions of Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery, etc.  All you need is the file from the download link on this page.

Downloading this one file will get you access to most, if not all, Windows Live programs; and I’ve been able to confirm that they all work with Windows 7, in case you’ve downloaded the beta and are actively using it.

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