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One of my biggest problems with my home network is wiring. My house is 10 years old, and unlike our NEW house in Nashville, the Chicago house is so NOT wired for CAT5/CAT6.  With one highschool student, a wife, and not to mention MY needs for connectivity, the need for more htan one active Internet connection is a huge point of contention. Everyone wants to be at my desk when I need to be there. Definitely not good.
At this point, I have a couple of choices –
  • Wire my house for CAT5/CAT6 (expensive and time consuming)
  • Install a wireless access point (vs. a wireless router. I already have a wired router, and the wireless signal doesn’t extend far enough into the house from where my cable modem lives)
  • Forego the above and make everyone else wait until I’m done…

While the last option is VERY tempting, its not gonna fly at the house.  I’ve looked into the whole wireless access point thing, but they’re at least twice as expensive as a wireless router, AND the signal penetration through the house is insufficient. I’d have to have a repeater or additional access point somewhere, and that’s more expensive.

Is this your situation?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. I’m certain that everyone is in a similar spot.  However, I think I’ve found the solution… Enter HomeNet from Corinex.

"Create a lightning fast home network in minutes” – At 200Mbps its fast, easy to install, and has a guaranteed stable connection.  HomeNet uses Corinex Powerline technology to create a home network that is 4 times the speed of wireless and installs in about 2 minutes. Create a network to connect PC’s, IP cameras, Media Players, DVD players, TiVO, Slingboxes, and more.  HomeNet packages contain 2 Corinex adapters together and come in both Powerline and Coaxial versions."


I’ve yet to get my review sample, but I’ve got my name in the hat.  As soon as I get this at the house and installed, I’ll let everyone know how well it works, and if its something that I’d recommend to everyone to solve their home networking wiring needs.  Stay tuned..!

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  1. Lauren Littlefield // January 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm //

    I would love to send you a review unit of HomeNet, it’s availability was just announced today. Send me a note at laurenl (@) dittoepr (dot) come.

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