iPhone Black = 3G iPhone..?

Speculation abounds this week as a little known item hits the iPhone Online Store across the US and the UK.  No, I’m not breaking news about the availability of the version 2.0 device (though I wish I could…). I’m merely pointing out that the current generation 8GB and 16GB iPhones are no longer available for purchase via Apple’s Online Store.



I’ve seen a couple of articles, on a couple of different sites, on this today.  What this means, no one REALLY knows, but speculation abounds, as I said, that the 3G iPhone (or the iPhone Black, as some are calling it, due to its reportedly all black body) will be announced ahead of WWDC.  This is interesting news for me, personally. I came millimeters away from buying an iPhone this past weekend…and I mean REALLY close. The biggest thing that kept me from it, was the (soon to be resolved) lack of native Exchange support.  I’m also not too keen on spending THAT much money on a device that doesn’t have a built in keyboard of any kind…I don’t care HOW wonderful the on-screen typing experience is.

However, as I was out running errands today, I stopped by one of the bigger Apple Stores in the metro Chicago-land area, and spoke to some of the staff. While no one was willing to speculate beyond the standard company line: All iPhone stock is sold out, we don’t know when we are going to get stock in again, etc., etc.; the one associate I did speak with did tell me that not only is the iPhone unavailable on line, but they, and just about every other Apple Store in the area is also out of stock.

Something’s a-brewin’.  Exactly what that is, no one really knows for certain, though rumors are continuing to fly.  I am hopeful that something comes to light soon. I can’t imagine Apple being without any iPhone stock to sell between now and June 9th; (the opening day of WWDC) but I’ve seen stranger things happen. Stay tuned for further developments!

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