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Ilium Software Releases eWallet 6.0

Stop reading this right now. Stop!  Download eWallet 6.0 and then while its coming down, come back and read this. I’ll wait…

eWallet is by far one of the BEST programs I have every used in my life. I love Ilium’s software.  KeepTrack, their check book program, actually helped save my marriage many, MANY moons ago, as it helped us sort out where all the money was going.  eWallet, has helped me by, uh, keeping track of all of the important info that I need to carry with me. 




Ilium software just upgraded this cool app to version 6.0. New in this version:

  • Government-level encryption: eWallet now uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption, and is FIPS compliant on key platforms as required by US government agencies
  • Two ways to view your data: using Flex View for an easy-to-browse list, or Card View so your data looks like it’s on real cards
  • Personalized cards: We have over 200 new icons, and 10 card background graphics, available as free downloads on our site
  • eWallet security for other important documents: insert files into your wallet and eWallet will encrypt them, then easily extract when you need them
  • Automatic backups: tell eWallet to create a backup of your wallet file each time you close or lock the program
  • Open FlexWallet files instantly in eWallet: FlexWallet files are recognized and automatically converted on the desktop

If you bought eWallet 5.0 or FlexWallet between September 17 and December 17, 2007, your upgrade to version 6.0 is free on the same platform(s) for which you made your original purchase. Previous eWallet owners will be contacted by Ilium Software if they qualify for an upgrade. Previous FlexWallet owners will be contacted by WebIS if they qualify for an upgrade.

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