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Updating Windows 10 Mobile After it goes RTM

May 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Microsoft says that it wants to push rapid updates to users; but there are issues…

Windows 10 mobile

I saw an interesting update on the Supersite for Windows the other morning, and I answered a comment asking what the issues were on this in the US. I wanted to expound a bit more, so I thought I’d gather what I wrote and then start shooting my mouth off.

The original article deals with Microsoft taking control of OS related updates from the mobile carriers – in the States, that’s basically, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, but may also include a number of larger regional or budget carriers like US Cellular, Cricket and Boost Mobile – and making updates available roughly four to six (4 – 6) weeks after the updates go RTM. Based on a report from Ed Bott, Microsoft is serious about it. According to Terry Myerson,

“Here at Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep Windows secure seriously. We follow up on all reported security issues, continuously probe our software with leading edge techniques, and proactively update supported devices with necessary updates to address issues. And today, we’re announcing this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.”

The only way that Windows as a Service (WaaS) REALLY works, is if Microsoft can release updates to users as they are ready.

The problem is that mobile broadband carriers in the US don’t allow just anything to ride their networks and don’t allow hardware manufacturers or OEM’s to release just any device update without that update going through a testing and certification process. Well, at least everyone but Apple; users of any cellular capable iDevice get iOS updates all the time…as soon as they’re released, in fact. I’ll deal with Apple in just a bit. However, every other device and device manufacturer/ OEM has to jump through a lot of hoops.

There are two parts to this issue: Control of the (enterprise) network and control of support. The second one is easy to understand. The first one is a PITA.

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Using Apple Pay – Its Really Just that Easy…

November 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Using Apple’s Apple Pay to purchase goods and services when you’re out and about is quick and easy.  I took my granddaughter to get some lunch and paying with Apple Pay was quick, easy, secure and so simple, that anyone can do it…and you can do it all, without having to put your granddaughter down.

Hands on with iOS 8 Beta 2

June 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Oy. What a mess…

I’ve been in software a LONG time. I’ve been in mobile devices and mobile computing even longer… What I’m about to say may draw a great deal of criticism and some harsh debate (and at least a great deal of, “well what did you expect, Chris..? iOS 8 IS in beta after all…). But to tell you the truth, I’ve been a registered Apple developer for a while now, (since just before iOS 6 was in Beta) and as a QA Guy, I’m very good at identifying patterns and trends… it’s what I do. So, here goes…

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Hands on with early iOS 8 Beta Releases

June 19, 2014 Leave a comment

It shows promise; but it’s REALLY buggy…

I’ve been using iOS 8 Beta 1 for the past couple of weeks and I have to say that I like what I see, but it’s so buggy that it’s hard to really evaluate. Items that you thought would be solid – core apps like Mail and Music, for example – are just north of a train wreck. While this is to be expected in a beta release – especially in an early beta release – it does provide a bit of insight on what Apple is doing.

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Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 2

June 27, 2012 Leave a comment
iOS 6 Beta 2 was released and was a relatively small device download

Its clear and obvious – Apple is hard at work. They’re due to release Mountain Lion in a few weeks. I’ve got a nice preview of Developer Preview 4 over at BYTE that you can check out.  Its long, but an informative read.

If you’re an iDevice lover, then you’ll also be pleased to know that iOS 6 is also moving forward. I’ve got a nice preview of iOS 6 Beta 1 over at BYTE that is also a bit long, but an informative read.  The changes that Apple is introducing to its ecosystem are big, but evolutionary, not REVolutionary.

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Is Nokia following in Palm’s Footsteps?

February 14, 2011 2 comments

My good friend, Gina Smith, asked everyone this morning what everyone thought of a Nokia analysis she wrote. It got me thinking…

I can remember sitting in my car, driving home from work while living in Nashville talking with my friend (and at the time), fellow Gear Diary Team Member, Chris Gavula, talking about Palm Treo’s and how awesome it would be if Palm would release a Treo with a native version of Windows Mobile on it.  A short while later, I got my wish when the Treo 750 hit Cingular/AT&T. I got to review the device for Gear Diary, here.

2011-02-14 11.39.12 am
Who’s REALLY reaching for help?

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Death to Double-Dipping Wireless Carriers!

February 3, 2011 1 comment

I just saw this over at ZDNet, and I’m sorry, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.  Verizon Wireless is going to charge users $20 a month, in addition to their $30 unlimited data plan, for the iPhone’s wireless hotspot feature. That sucks.

Its also something that needs to stop – Wireless carriers are, and quite honestly, have been forever, double dipping on data charges to customers.  Currently, on T-Mobile, I pay

  • $30 per month Unlimited Data
  • $10 per month Unlimited Messaging

Its bad enough that I have to pay T-Mobile an extra $10 bucks to send text messages (text is data, after all), but adding Wi-Fi Hot Spot is also an additional $10 bucks.  I’ve already got unlimited data for $30 bucks a month.  Why T-Mobile (or any of the wireless carriers, for that matter) won’t allow you to use the data you’re already paying for without an additional charge, is beyond me. 

I just recently saw that AT&T is going to allow wired tethering with a 4GB data cap for $45 per month.  Verizon Wireless is going to offer an identical program, and recently throttled the top 5% data hogs on their network to help make room.

While this seems to be the standard mod of operation, its really double billing…well nearly so. In my example, I pay $30 bucks for data, $10 bucks for texting and $10 bucks for hot spot, all of which count against my data allowance.  While that may be “unlimited,” there are bandwidth caps, and if you cross them, you get throttled.  What really chaps my hide is that I’m already paying for unlimited data.  Why I can’t use that data the way I want to, is beyond me.

I know this is an OLD argument, but with more and more people using smartphones as well as other connected, data dependent devices, at some point, you gotta cry foul and get someone to listen…

But I’m just sayin’…


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